Doug and Janice Rickert have been performing and producing music for churches, our friends and just for ourselves for over 35 years.  Doug is the writer, producer and engineer.  He plays keyboards of all kinds and guitar.  Janice is the drummer and co-writer and assists in production and engineering.  Their music spans a range from Blues to Classical and Traditional Christian, from Electronic to Atmospheric. 

They met at Dekalb College in Decatur, Georgia in 1980 where they were both studying music.  Doug's major was Church Organ.  Janice's major was Clarinet.  They were married in April of 1981 and started performing music together at Woodlawn Baptist Church of Decatur, Georgia that same year.  They helped a friend produce a video by writing and performing and producing the score.  They have been building and developing their musical, production and engineering skills along with their studio, Nothing But You Music which is now located at their home in Duluth, Georgia.  (Nothing But You Music is dedicated to the memory of Raymond Schmidt)

They are now cooperating in the writing and production of their own music in order to share that music and touch as many people as possible with inspiring and enjoyable listening experiences. 

Please check out their selection of musical pieces and sign up for our mailing list to keep track of their latest offerings.  They would be happy to compose, perform and produce music for your personal, or commercial needs.  We run a professional recording studio which also provides promotional, music and training videos and photography.  Please visit our web site as listed below for further information and pricing.

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